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Let us introduce Rosie, Rosie is a stunning Volkswagen 1963 Splitscreen double door panel van.

She like a lot of women I know likes to lie about her age and was in fact born in April 1961 in Germany. Rosie spent her first two years after manufacture in the USA until she was registered in 1963, she enjoyed the sun in California and after a few to many years in the bright lights of Hollywood (as I would like to believe) she took a little break to a barn in Sacramento during the mid 80’s where she remained until she was found in 2014 looking a little worse for wear.

Life had seriously taken its toll on Rosie, she had lost her va va voom as well as some of her glass, her wheel arches had been cut in the 70’s to accommodate bigger tyres during the fuel shortage. They also had tried to convert her into a camper by adding extra windows, some groovy panelling and a wooden bumper. In 2014 Rosie was imported to England, where she was given a new lease of life and lovingly restored to the girl she was so many years ago. She was kept original with a reconditioned 1600 single port engine, ride height, running gear, wheels and tyres, cab interior including the cream leather hump back bench seat and painted in Original VW light grey L354 which ran from 58’ to 61’ The back of the van has given her a new purpose in life, serving speciality coffees. So loaded with coffee and firing on all cylinders she enjoyed the Sussex seaside for a few years.

 Time came in 2018 for her to move on, she decided she wanted a more relaxed way of life and to see a more captivating seascape, hearing passers by one day she heard about a place across the waters called Ireland. She decided there and then that’s the place she wanted to be, she heard the people were great craic, the Guinness was dreamy and the music got the fuel pumping and the feet tapping. Rosie now lives with Michael and Sarah Collins who are her new custodians for the many years to come.

Rosie and her friends look forward to meeting you.

Rosie and her friends look forward to meeting you. x


If you’re interested in booking Collins Coffee Camp and Rosie for your event or big day or you have any questions or queries please get in touch we’d love to hear from you.